Images from the field and travel

Photos from my trip to Costa Rica, May 2024. We explored Quetzal National Park and the Osa Peninsula where we saw tons of incredible birds, mammals, and herps!

Photo credit: Sarah Bassing, Jon Linch

View of the mountains in the North Cascade Mountain Range

A collection of photos taken while conducting my dissertation fieldwork in eastern Washington, 2018 - 2021. Deploying cameras in randomly selected locations allows me to explore my beautiful and diverse study areas in a unique way.

Photo credit: Sarah Bassing, Brielle Jaglowski, Parker Levinson
Adult Sooty Tern and its chick

I was lucky enough to assist the Tetiaroa Seabird Project in French Polynesia, Nov. 2019. The project is using mark-recapture methods and acoustic monitoring to studying how seabirds on a remote atoll respond to rat eradication.

Photo credit: Sarah Bassing, Amelia DuVall, Beth Gardner
Leopard glaring past the camera

Photos from my trip to Amboseli, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, and Lake Naivasha National Parks in Kenya, July 2018.

Photo credit: Sarah Bassing, Jon Linch

Collection of photos as I surveyed for wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains (USA & Canada) as a research assistant for the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 2010 - 2014. 

Photo credit: Sarah Bassing, David Ausband, Ellie Cosgrove

Photos from my trip to Arenal Volcano, Monteverde, Corcovado National Parks in Costa Rica, July 2017.

Photo credit: Sarah Bassing, Jon Linch

Howl Survey & Wolf Pup Response

Video of my crew and I conducting howl surveys for wolves in southwestern Alberta, 2013. Listen closely for the response!

Video credit: J. Soller

Research and Nature Inspired Art

Infographic created as part of a University of Montana Communicating Science course to share research findings about the effects of harvest on immigration of wolves in central Idaho.

Globe drawn as basic logo for the non-profit Reaching Beyond Globally