I am a research scientist at the University of Idaho with the Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. I earned my PhD (2022) in Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington and my MS (2017) and BS (2008) in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana. My research interests stem from a background in carnivore ecology, species interactions, wildlife conservation, and quantitative ecology. My fieldwork and research have taken me to amazing parts of the western US, Canada, and even French Polynesia, to work with species ranging from gray wolves to red-footed boobies. 

I am currently collaborating with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to study predator interactions in northern Idaho. I am using camera traps and quantitative methods to understand how species interactions structure predator communities. Prior to my current work, my research focused on the spatial and temporal patterns of predator-prey interactions among wildlife species in eastern Washington and how hunting and trapping affect wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

I’d love to hear from you! Email me at sarah.bassing [at] gmail.com and follow me on Twitter @S_Bassing. I post code on GitHub. My Google Scholar profile can be found here and my relatively up-to-date CV is here.